Ways To Add Great Curb Appeal

The old saying “never judge a book by its cover” can ring true when it comes to a home. The exterior of a home and its landscaping can make or break the impression it gives. Your home’s curb appeal is essential as it can increase your home’s value. Here are some ways to incorporate Hardie Panel fiber cement into your home’s additions.

Facade facelift

A way to dramatically change the appearance of the outside of your home is to add Hardie Plank lap siding. Adding a vertical look to your siding sets your home apart. You can have a classic wood panel look that is long-lasting and sustainable. Hardie Plank is fire-resistant and pest-resistant and will not warp or fade.

Decked out

Building a deck or patio to add living space to your home will increase your living space and add value to your home. If you are concerned about wrecking your greenspace, you can elevate your deck. Another way to preserve your greenspace is to use paved stone which gives you a natural look.

Beyond the grill

When you think of an outdoor kitchen space these days, you don’t just think of a grill in the backyard. A full-service outdoor kitchen has become very popular. When building an outdoor kitchen area, you want to use durable stone for your countertops, composite or stainless cabinets, and built-in appliances. This allows you to do everything from meal prep to clean up outside.

Forever friends

If you want to dramatically transform your outdoor space but do not want to get carried away, try planting a garden with low-maintenance perennials. You will want to check your hardiness zone to make sure you are planting something that will hold up in your zone. Planting perennials means that they will come back each year and grow more impressive each year.

Pooled resources

If you have some space left over in your yard, think about adding a swimming pool. A swimming pool can be built in-ground or above ground and can increase your home’s value. This sought-after amenity great fun feature for friends and family during those hot summer months.

Remember adding something that you love can help add value to your home. The ouside of your home and its features can be enjoyed and used like any other space in the interior of your home.

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