Hungry Eyes A New New Orleans Restaurant and Bar

Hungry Eyes, named after the term “hungry eyes” in the famous 80’s movie, “Dirty Dancing” will be opening in Uptown on Magazine Street. The space at 4206 Magazine Street will be a place locals can go for just a cocktail or a full dinner.

The restaurant’s co-founder, chef Mason Hereford wants the vibe to be 80’s style with a wide range of different food, appetizers and cocktails. ” It’s punchy flavors, big fun, a lot that are meant to be shared,” Hereford says.

The plans are to open Hungry Eyes later this spring. The space will be a 40-seat restaurant that also includes a back patio and will have a dedicated bar and full table service. This is different from Hereford’s other two spots, Turkey and the Wolf and Molly’s Rise and Shine. There are several employees that will move from the other locations to work at Hungry Eyes.

“There’s way too much talent working in those two buildings, so it’s time to provide and opportunity to grow together,” said Hereford

The menu is still in the works but will be guided by the same concept as Turkey and the Wolf and Molly’s Rise and Shine. The new restaurant will be a bit more refined with mid-range prices. Patrons will enjoy a comfortable atmosphere that is welcoming to parties or solo guests.

“We want everyone that comes in here to feel welcome and cool and sexy in this space,” he says.

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