How to Install a Home Generator

Installing a generator can be a lengthy process and you want to make sure you do every step correctly. Here are three steps you must follow when installing a generator. They will assist you with selecting an area for your generator as well as making sure you are up to code with all the local requirements. They will help you make the best choice of the area that is optimal to meet safety and personal requirements.  


“I’ve encountered quite a few customers who are unaware of the maintenance needed for their new generator. It was overlooked during the proposals, or sometimes just not even though or,” says Philip Olsen of Pipworks Services. Make sure to review your new generator’s owner’s manual which will give instructions on how to care and maintain your generator. It will most of the time include the engine where you will need to replace the oil and check the filters at least once a year. This can be complex so hiring a pro might be the best way to go.

Like anything else, you want to do your research to make sure you get the right generator for your home. A home standby generator usually can be fueled by natural-gas or liquid propane. Also, check the instructions for the generator you would like to purchase and make sure you know the exact distance it must be installed from the house. Some require up to five feet or more from the house, while some only require an 18-inch distance.

You will also want to research the amount of power you will need to keep your home up and running while the power is out. For the average home, a 20kW standby generator is enough. If you have a larger home or have tons of appliances, then you might want one a little stronger. You can choose one that goes all the way up to 150kW.


A standby generator will use an automatic transfer switch (ATS) to detect when there is an interruption in the power to your home. The true key is to get the generator to pop on and provide a certain voltage and frequency to your home so it will not damage the circuitry. To install you will need a professional who will help plan how your setup will be configured.

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