A New Development for New Orleans Six Flags Property

Ever since the destruction of New Orleans Six Flags during Hurricane Katrina, the amusement park has sat rotting.  The 227-acre property
will be redeveloped by Bayou Phoenix.

Troy Henry the leader of Bayou Phoenix has big plans for the property which includes water parks, youth sporting facilities, two hotels, an 8.5-acre clear lake for swimming, a movie studio, an amphitheater, retail outlets and other amenities.

“Today is just the beginning. There is an incredible amount of work that needs to be done, but we are here for it,” said Jeff Schwartz, economic development director for the City of New Orleans.

The next year the plans will be drafted and the site cleared out.  After the old rides are demolished and junk removed, they can get a better lay of the land.  This means the plans might change during the project. With the help of Henry’s partner, Thomas Tubre, an owner of a local construction company, the project will be a success.

“They do all the technical stuff, all the crazy stuff most people cannot do,” Henry said. “So, once they get in there, we may have to move some of the components around. They’ll be the same components, but maybe not in the same place.”

“We look forward to bringing new commerce to New Orleans East. There’s significant untapped potential for family entertainment and travel sporting events,” said Henry.

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